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As the admittedly rudimentary video above tried to express, “A Small Art Gallery” was created to showcase some of the many good artists here in the area. Not all but a few of the ones that I believe create exceptional work. One of the foundational ideas I began with is that this area, and Prescott in particular, attracts a wide variety of new residents every year. Those new Prescottonians come to enjoy all the amenities, environs and life style that Prescott offers. They did not however, totally leave their personally accumulated culture behind. And while the culture and art of the southwest is striking, engaging and creative, like vanilla, it’s not the only flavor available. “A Small Art Gallery was created to offer additional options to the variety of southwestern and tourist oriented galleries in town.

Over the last year I have presented 10 monthly shows of three or four artists in a traditional white cube setting. The simplicity of the space and the selective number of artists allows the viewer to see the art without the jumble and cultural noise of more visitor/tourist oriented venues in town.  Where there is certainly a desire to show only the best there is also no pretention. I sit in the gallery on days that it is open and engage visitors as someone would in their home. I like helping them explore the work in a non-academic, non-stultifying environment. Art is personal and although I am very engaged in the art and try to know as much as I can about it I find the “art speak” environment crippling to the enjoyment of the art.


A little bit about the nuts and bolts of ASAG.

Address: 115 E Goodwin St. Suite D, Prescott, AZ 86303 928-830-3220
in the CourtYard Building next door to City Hall.

The Courtyard Building

The Courtyard Building

The Courtyard at A Small Art Gallery

The Courtyard at A Small Art Gallery

Sid Freeman calligraphy installation Nov 2013

Sid Freeman, Calligraphy

ladyinpurple courtyard2 bookreynolds1

Approximately 350 sq. ft. of gallery space. Yes, it is a Small Art Gallery.

Shows are 30 to 45 day long and show no more than 5 artists although July’s show hosted the Arizona Print Groups’ traveling show of 30 artists’ interpretation of the alphabet. Most of the work shown is of medium scale. In June Paul Abbott and Dana Cohn exhibited exceptional large work (as large as 72 by 48 inches) and the gallery served the painting well and allowed viewers to get an intimate encounter with some great figurative and symbolic imagery.


Current advertising has been as follows:
A monthly contract with KNAU/NPR for radio spots through out the week.
Periodic ads in the Daily Courier, usually before receptions and 4th Friday Art Walk
Show postcards (4×6) as above mailed to 350+ addresses gathered from the gallery visitor book, personal lists and art community lists. Artists are also give a supply of cards to send out.
A sandwich board is displayed on the sidewalk in front of the gallery. There is minimal signage allowed on the building.
Occasional articles are written for shows that are placed in the Daily Courier and 5enses.
The gallery is part of the 4th Friday Art Walk group and is displayed in the group’s brochure, map and website.
The gallery has a website, www.asmallartgallery.com
All print advertising is consistent in font (Century Gothic), other than postcards all ads are B/W and contain a specific logo.

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