Testing the Gallery out

I have hung some work today in the gallery so I could see how the walls and lighting held the work.

Overall, I think it’s working. Certainly need some 3d stuff on pedestals. Pictures are a bit dark. The gallery is really very bright.  Hey, you’ll have to come down to see for yourself!!


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The Fire, June-July 2013

At times like these I have a difficult time with joining in with  community grief. I am, if nothing else, a private person. Owning the gallery is changing that obviously. This fire and the loss of 19 young men has stabbed this community in the heart. We will heal, no doubt but the scar will be carried for a long long time.  Arizona relishes its tough frontier image. We are a hard shell, scrappy, my-way-or-the-highway and don’t tell me what to do bunch. And whether you are a conservative or liberal or political skeptic (me), when events like this unfold all you can do is fall back on being part of the community.

My heart goes out to the young families who have lost so much and to the residents of Yarnell who will need the strength to pickup and carry on. But then, this is Arizona, and we will.

A New Gallery Gets Started

In August of this year, or so the plan goes, I will open a new gallery in downtown Prescott, Arizona. All the papers have been filed, the lease signed, walls put up and furniture and equipment purchased. There’s really not much to see as yet since there is no art on the walls or on the pedestals. The gallery, though ready, is still barren.  But expectant.


A few photos anyway:

The Courtyard Building

The Courtyard Building

The Courtyard at A Small Art Gallery

The Courtyard at A Small Art Gallery

A very nice location. Quiet, off the square so the hub-bub of Whiskey Row is muffled, but still close enough to the important things like the concerts on the lawn and “Cuppers” for an occasional coffee break. Here’s a map to get your bearings.

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