embarrasment of riches

I have just returned from spending the morning with Sid Freeman going through paintings for the coming “Paper, Pen & Brush” show at A Small Art Gallery beginning November 15th.

You are in for a wonderful show.

Sid’s work is not only a prime example of a calligrapher’s art, Winter Fire  for PRshe has also woven the words through imaginative, complex and beautiful images. Words like “water” flow across the page, “rocks” give places of foundation, “air” breathes gentle winds over gaily colored fields. And these are done by hand, no Photoshop here. It would not be hyperbole to say it may be difficult to imagine that a computer could pull off the complexity she has built and still have the vitality that a work done by hand has accomplished.Heart Lines for PR

I have always found the spoken word; a poem, a stirring speech, a campfire tale, to have little rivalry in stirring the imagination, a voice gives words life. That is until I saw Sid Freeman’s gentle coaxing of the words into images.  She obviously loves words and ideas and  not only the meanings of the words but the emotions behind them. This is many steps above a simple, pretty, graphical presentation of quotes, this is a love affair with language.

I have an embarrassment of riches to present during this show and I hope you’ll allow me to share it with you. In addition to Sid Freeman’s work, Two Rivers copyAnnie Alexander is presenting new works of paper. Long, ceiling to floor banners of handmade paper, vignettes of texture and color, biology, botany and yes, shredded money!

Maria Lynam, known in town for her printmaking, is presenting colorful atmospheric, ethereal paintings that will invite you in and feed your imagination and spirit.Santa-Fe-1

The show will be hung November 15th and 16th and continue until December 31st. We will have an artists’ reception Friday, November 22nd during the 4th Friday Art Walk. Well before the Thanksgiving madness.

Please come, see the art, meet three wonderful women, enjoy a Small Art Gallery with your friends.



Today was the monthly meeting of the Art the 4th groupcalls-opportunities ArtWalkLogo. The group that sponsors and organize (as much as we galleries in Prescott can be organized) the monthly 4th Friday Art Walk. Lots of good discussions and news: the state of the square, new venues and shows, etc.

calls-opportunities prescottcollegeartofnaturalhistory

I wanted to pass on two announcements from Prescott College. First, “The Art Of Natural History” exhibition and symposium will begin November 8th. See their website for details. Also, their call for proposals for the 2015-2016 gallery season has a deadline of April 1st 2014. I know the exhibition season seems a long way off but this is a good opportunity for serious committed artists and curators (I know, many of us should be committed).

Also wanted to add to your list of websites calling for proposals, this one organized in Denmark but listing global opportunities. WOOLOO. org has some interesting resources including the usual artists’ pages. If nothing else it’s an opportunity to see other artists  portfolios.

CAFE is on the list of call for entries here.

calls-opportunities CAFE


If there are resources that you think would be useful for others let me know. I’ll start a list to the right under artists’ resources.


Hey, just so’s ya know.