Rose Mary Mack

I wanted to take a moment to recommend the Prescott College Gallery’s presentation of the work of Rose Mary Mack. Now through Nov. 2nd.

Organized by a longtime friend to Mrs. Mack, Deborah Ford, the show spans a life time of beautiful work. For an artist  who didn’t move much outside the Prescott environs in her later years her influence as both artist and friend was extensive.

Please take to opportunity and reward yourself with a visit to the gallery to see Rose Mary’s paintings. It’s a wonderous show and one Prescott should be proud of.

Brice Wood, Collages, Reliquaries and Screens

Rabbits Foot Reliquary BWoodJust putting the final touches on Brice Wood’s show this afternoon. Printing up show tags, sweeping the floors (ok, that doesn’t take too long) and completing the website inventory process. Hope you see the Pop Rocket article on Brice.

Lots of stuff happening this weekend of course;  Brice’s show is up, the Mountain Artist’s annual Studio Tour, I read there’s a Mustang show (four wheel type) going on. Prescott College has an art opening, Rose Mary Mack, tomorrow. and… IT’S FALL!!!!!!!!!

By the way I think I’ll use the gallery as a valid excuse for putting off raking the fall leaves. We’ll see how far that gets me.