An interesting bit of Thursday trivia

I have been playing around with Google’s Ngram Viewer and ran a few combinations. Anthony (my given name) vs Albert. I find that Albert is mentioned more times throughout history. A crushing blow to my ego. But something interesting to artists. I compared Oil painting, watercolor painting and acrylic painting to find that oil painting is mentioned far more that watercolor or acrylic combined. Also trivial, although one would expect that Jackson Pollack would not be mentioned now as much as Damien Hirst, I was surprised (shouldn’t have been with the advent of the internet) that the difference was in orders of magnitude greater. Also interesting is that Jeff Koons is mentioned as often as Mr. Hirst. But then celebrity is a great equalizer ;>

One last observation: Google Ngram is like a huge black hole in the universe of time of which I have probably given up too much already. You were warned.