The First Day


Metal Sculptures by Stan Book

The door is open and I’ve already had a few visitors to the gallery. Well wishers all.

Disappearing Act1

Disappearing Act, Cathy Cowen

“So what’s this all about, anyway?” I’ve been asked. I can certainly understand the query. There is something…something that needs answering, when an older gentleman feels the need to dive into an unstable, new, risky, challenging venture. Why doesn’t he just stay retired, take up a hobby, travel, drink beer? Does he need psychiatric help, an intervention?

There are two camps of my friends who ask this question. One camp who wonder if I’m crazy and if this is just some mid-life crisis thing. “Do you think it’s metabolic?” “Are you opening it to show your own work?” is a common question. The other camp, those in the business or have been in the business, know I’m crazy, ask few questions and wish me well but give me that look. You know that look, the one that says, “He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into, poor thing”, “Is he drinking more, lately?”

The truth is, it was time. I’ve always been a late bloomer, as it were. Or at least I think about things for a long time before I leap, or at this age, slowly rise, into action. The idea or concept for this gallery has been percolating for a long time.  I wanted to get back into the gallery business since I left Arts Prescott Co-op a few years back but I wanted to approach it differently. You see I really like being surrounded by Art and I really like talking with people, especially the artists, about the Art. I like helping other people discover stuff. Sounded like a gallery to me.

I invite all of you and your friends and anyone you can drag off the street to come and visit A Small Art Gallery. There will be wonderful things to see and if you come to the receptions you’ll meet some of the very creative people here. I promise you wonderment, discovery, some shock now and then and even possibly some anger but mostly, above all, some really really good art.

Cathy Cowen

Disappearing Act

Disappearing Act

Fresh Catch

Fresh Catch






Cathy Cowen’s work has been added to the 1st show today. Figurative clay work focusing on the joys, labors and burdens of humanity.


Cathy’s work with it’s warm earth tones and muted color plays off Stan Book’s hard metal abstractions.  The juxtaposition gives the eye and soul a playground and  meditation place.


Opening on Thursday, can’t wait for you all to see.


1st Show Book Cowen Reynolds

bookreynolds1Setting up the gallery this weekend for the first show. Stan Book has brought in his welded metal sculptures. They look great on the new pedestals. My work adds a bit of color to the white cube. Tomorrow, Cathy Cowen brings in her figurative works on women. Should be a very very nice show. Gallery opening on the 15th with reception on Friday August 23rd.Drawing Down the Moon NUMBER 2a